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Solids Contact Clarifier - Kusters Water


engineered for enhanced performance and reliable operation


engineered for enhanced performance and reliable operation

Solids Contact Clarifiers

Kusters Water’s units employ proven recycle solids contact principal for highly efficient flocculation, sedimentation, and clarification in a single compact basin. Solids contact units are widely used for the removal of turbidity for lime softening, and for chemical coagulation in municipal and industrial applications.

The slow speed, large diameter impeller recirculates large quantities of fresh precipitate through the recirculation drum, achieving superior solids and complete chemical reaction. The formulation of settleable floc particles occurs in the large, slow mixing reaction cone. An automatic sludge discharge system maintains an optimal solids volume along the clarifier bottom for efficient solids contact within the mixing zone.

The throughput follows a spiraling downward path to the outlet under the edge of the skirt. That is followed by circumferential, vertical rise clarification – Free of density currents and short circuiting, making possible an unusually clear overflow and dense underflow in an easily controlled, hydraulically and chemically stable system. As the flow passes upward, the decreasing upflow velocities of the floc particles cause dynamic separation of the solids from the treated water.

Radial launders provide uniform effluent discharge while maintaining the upflow pattern. The radial launders are available with v-notches or submerged orifices.


  • Central Draft Tube, Side or Bottom Feed
  • Low Shear Recycle Mixer Design
  • High Efficiency, Low HP Recycle Mixer
  • Variable Speed Mixer for Optimized Performance
  • Stainless Steel Impeller and Shaft
  • Submerged Mixer (Improves Recycle)
  • Independent Mixer and Rake Drive
  • New or Retrofits


  • Painted Steel
  • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
  • Specialty Stainless Materials